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Global Media & Sports is a leading professional sports advisory firm specialising in media rights, structures and events for sports.

Colin Smith, Managing Director has advised leading professional sports and events in Asia, Europe, Australasia and Africa.

Colin is recognised as a global authority on structuring events to maximise media rights and sponsorship, and is at the forefront of digital media.

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Perspectives on OTT, Sport and Television

What is the future for sports television providers with the rapidly emerging OTT TV and its increasing focus on sports? GMS believes that OTT is the next evolution in broadcasting. LEARN MORE

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'Do the maths': pressure on AFL to make night grand final permanent

A second year of huge television audiences for a night-time grand final is set to put pressure on the AFL to dump its traditional afternoon timeslot. READ MORE

The secret modelling that shows NRL will create 12 more games with 17th team

Colin Smith says, "I've been a strong proponent of saying Brisbane needs another team. I can see them getting the financial model right, but it's critical to make sure there's enough depth to make that 17th team competitive." READ MORE

Long-term TV future of NRL hinges on next free-to-air deal

If Channel Nine loses its NRL rights, it would not only precipitate the rapid decline of the network but also challenge the code's future on free-to-air TV, according to Colin Smith, one of Australia's leading sports and media rights experts. READ MORE

Seven set to pitch for next Olympics after 'remarkable' Tokyo broadcast

Broadcast rights expert Colin Smith says the price for premium sports products like the Olympics will remain "bullish". READ MORE