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Global Media & Sports is a leading professional sports advisory firm specialising in media rights, structures and events for sports.

Colin Smith, Managing Director has advised leading professional sports and events in Asia, Europe, Australasia and Africa.

Colin is recognised as a global authority on structuring events to maximise media rights and sponsorship, and is at the forefront of digital media.

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Perspectives on OTT, Sport and Television

What is the future for sports television providers with the rapidly emerging OTT TV and its increasing focus on sports? GMS believes that OTT is the next evolution in broadcasting. LEARN MORE

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Interviews on SBS's The World Game


Why NFL's $100 billion broadcast deal is great news for NRL, AFL

While the pandemic forced a renegotiation of TV rights in Australia and created an expectation the fees paid by broadcasters would fall globally, Smith argues there are two exceptions: where a sport is a nation's unique or dominant game, or where it is the dominant nation for a sport. READ MORE

NRL's need for speed on trial as Cameron Smith calls time

Sports broadcast rights expert Colin Smith says, "What we’ve seen out of COVID, leagues that are attractive and fast-moving have done really well, and that’s irrespective of the broadcast platform." READ MORE

The broadcast party is over for Super Rugby. Here comes the hangover

Sports rights expert Colin Smith believes the eventual UK/Ireland deal for SANZAAR will be as much as 50 per cent less than the last one, which would effectively pull tens of millions of dollars out of the SANZAAR unions. READ MORE

New Super Netball broadcast deal close, with hopes it will drive growth for other sports

Colin Smith believes Super Netball is unique in a crowded market. It's one of the few sports in Australia that has grown its TV audiences significantly. READ MORE